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Fishing Trips Torrevieja

Enjoy the unrivaled feeling of sailing across the water to your fishing destination, aboard a regulation approved fishing boat. We offer a range of fishing trips including full and half day trips, depending on the amount of time you would like to spend. The sea off the coast of Torrevieja is home to a range of fish, including mackerel, dentex, snapper, bream and tuna, although the exact species present will depend on the time of year of your visit.

Fishing Trips Torrevieja
Fishing Trips Torrevieja

We are able to provide a range of advice about the fishing options available, and advise you to contact us directly to ask any specific questions.

If you are planning a trip to Torrevieja, or to the Costa Blanca more generally, we have provided some information about the town below. We understand that, whilst you will be fishing for some part of your trip, you may also be interested in the town itself.

About Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a fast growing town in the South of Spain, on the Costa Blance. However, unlike towns and cities like Benidorm for instance, there are no high-rise skyscrapers, and Torrevieja is also an ideal place for family holidays.

Torrevieja is surrounded by two large salt water lakes which form the “Salinas de Torrevieja” and are an official Spanish nature reserve. These lakes attract a wide variety of bird life, and are very beautiful as an attraction in themselves.

The entire area around Torrevieja is famous for it’s salt production, although the city of Torrevieja itself gets its name from an old tower (old=vieja ; tower=torre), which was first mentioned around 1800. Apart from the salt industry, tourism and fishing keep the city alive. The harbour in Torrevieja holds approximately 300 fishing ships and nearly 1000 private sports boats. Walking on the harbour can provide a wonderful view, especially when the sun sets.


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